Sunday, January 19, 2020
Ryan Salazar
Math for College Readiness is a course for seniors who are preparing to enter college. Throughout the course, students will review their knowledge of Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 concepts, and ensure mastery of fundamental concepts. This will promote students' confidence and success as they enter postsecondary education.

Please see the syllabus attached, which describes expectations, the supply list, and grading criteria.

Homework List

- 2.4.19 - Stats/Dot Plot packet due Wednesday.

- 11.26.18 - Test on Wednesday: Ratios, proportions, percentages

- 10.23 - Study Math Nation Section 1.5 and 1.7. **** Quiz on Thursday 10.25 to include rational exponents and operations with radicals

- 10.9.18 - ACT practice test on Thursday

-10.5.18 - Study for Vocab Quiz on Tuesday

-10.3.18 - ACT test corrections due Friday

- 9.21.18 - Review ACT practice test

-9.14.18 - Study new vocab, Khan Academy due Sunday, Study for the ACT

-9.12.18 - Khan Academy Due Sunday; New vocab to study:
Absolute Value Function, Base, Binomial, Coordinate Plane, Ordered Pair, Quadratic, Rational Exponents, Slope, Standard Form, X-Intercept, Y-Intercept. Review all previous vocab.

-9.5.18: Complete fractions sheet if not completed in class; study for vocab quiz Friday

-8.29.18: Study for vocab quiz on Friday; Study practice quiz for Equations/Expressions quiz on Friday; Complete order of operations sheet (if not complete in class); Khan Academy assignments due on Friday

- 8.27.18 - Study for Vocab Quiz on Friday 8/31, complete practice quiz if not done in class, Log in to Khan Academy and complete assignments

- 8.23.18 - Complete 1 Khan Academy assignment, study for vocab quiz on Friday, complete up to page 240 in packet.

- 8.21.18 - Get syllabus signed, purchase binder, finish college analysis assignment (if not done in class), sign in to Khan Academy