Sunday, January 19, 2020
Ryan Salazar
Intensive Math is a course for students grades 9-12. I teach Intensive Math 2nd Period. For this course, I have prepared a variety of online resources that students will use to practice and review fundamental math skills. These resources include Math Nation, Khan Academy, and USA Test Prep. Students will receive their login credentials to Khan Academy and USA Test Prep from Mr. Salazar. Math Nation can be accessed from the Dade Schools portal.

Please see the syllabus attached for information on class expectations, a supply list, and grading criteria.

Homework List

-2.4.19 - 15.5 Exponential Functions (Complete all pages in packet); Quiz on Wednesday

-1.31.19 - 15.4 Exponential Functions Packet (Complete all pages)

-1.25.19 - 15.2 Exponential Functions Packet (Complete all pages); Practice multiplication/perfect squares

-1.23.19 - 15.1 Exponential Functions Packet; Multiplication/Perfect Squares Test on Friday

-1.17.19 - Distributive Property practice, Exponents review; Test on Tuesday

-1.15.19 - Distributive property sheet due; radicals packet due.

-1.11.19 - Simplifying rational exponents and radicals packet

- 1.9.19 - Simplifying exponent expressions packet; study for test Friday

-1.7.19 - Study exponents worksheet; test on Friday

-12.18.18 - Math Nation Exponents Practice, Quiz on Law of Exponents on Thursday

-12.10.18 - Math Nation Systems Packet; study for test on Friday

- 11.26.18 - Complete systems Elimination sheet

**** PERT testing is on Wednesday 11/14

- 11.8.18 - Solving Systems Substitution Sheet; Test on Tuesday

-10.9.18 - Complete literal equations sheet 1-14

-10.5.18 - Study for Test on Tuesday: inequalities, fractions

- 9.18.18 - Study for Test on Friday (equations, expressions, fractions, operations with negative numbers); Study for Vocab Quiz (see words below); Khan Academy due Sunday.

- 9.14.18 - Study new vocab list; Khan Academy is due Sunday; Study for test on Friday (review notes, exercises); complete page 42 negative numbers

-9.12.18 - Khan Academy Due Sunday; New vocab to study:
Absolute Value Function, Base, Binomial, Coordinate Plane, Ordered Pair, Quadratic, Rational Exponents, Slope, Standard Form, X-Intercept, Y-Intercept. Review all previous vocab.

-9.7.18 - Khan Academy due Sunday

-9.5.18 - Complete fractions sheet if not completed in class, study for vocab quiz on Friday. Khan Academy assignments due Sunday.

- 8.31.18 - Complete order of operations practice sheet 2 (if not done in class), Khan Academy due Sunday, Study practice quiz for quiz on Wednesday, and study new vocab for quiz on Friday.

- 8.29.18 - Complete order of operations sheets, Work on Khan Academy, study new vocab list

- 8.27.18 - Khan Academy assignments (online) must be complete by 8.28.18; Complete Day 1 packet numbers 1-4

- 8.23.18 - Study for vocab quiz on Wednesday; complete packet page 151

- 8.21.18 - Get syllabus signed, purchase notebook for class, practice logging in to Khan Academy