Friday, January 17, 2020
Kelly Shaw
Somerset Academy Silver Palms High School is excited to
announce our official sponsorship of a
Secondary Chapter in the National Honor Society for Dance Arts!
The National Honor Society for Dance Arts (NHSDA) is a
program dedicated to recognizing dance students for
their outstanding artistic merit, leadership,
and academic achievement in the field of dance.
NHSDA also strives to foster an appreciation for
dance as a true art form, worthy of
recognition and prestige.
NHSDA Secondary(HS gr 9-12)
Program Goals
-To identify honor students (grades 11 & 12) for
nomination to the NDEO Artistic Merit, Leadership
and Academic Achievement Award,
one of the highest honor programs for dance
in the United States.

-To promote a desire for life-long learning in the field of dance.

-To encourage an understanding of, and an appreciation for,
dance as an art form and develop knowledgeable
audiences for tomorrow.
One of the highest honor programs for dance in
the United States.

-NHSDA is a lifetime recognition and NHSDA designations
remain with the student’s record.

 Eligibility Criteria for Student Induction

 Induction into the NHSDA Secondary Program is
earned through the accumulation of at 30 points
awarded for dance activities such as dance classes, rehearsals, performances,
research, workshops,
or community service activities, alongside a
minimum GPA of at 3.0. 
Students track their own
points and provide the Chapter Sponsor
with a record of points earned. 
In addition, the prospective student's
demonstration of collaborative
teamwork, motivation, and leadership
 in the many aspects of dance. 
 (e.g., choreography, performance,
mentoring, production) are factors in the
determination of eligibility for induction. 

Demonstration of Character

This category reflects the student’s demonstration of collaborative teamwork, motivation, and
leadership. The Chapter Sponsor evaluates
the student’s demonstration of the above
qualities through observation during classes,
rehearsals and other dance program activities,
as well as demonstrated leadership
(e.g., serving as a dance team or club officer,
participation in service projects). Community
service activities might include
unpaid performances, teaching or
assisting dance classes, as well as participation
in sponsored fundraisers.
A minimum “Above Average” rating in this category
is required for NHSDA induction. The student
must not display any conduct or behavior that
jeopardizes their own safety, the well-being of
others, or the integrity of the NHSDA program.
(These include, but are not limited to,
disruptive or aggressive behavior in or
outside of the studio,
bullying or mistreating others, and
unprofessional conduct in classes
or rehearsals.)

GPA Requirement

Students must earn a cumulative
GPA of at least 3.0 for NHSDA Induction.

Those eligible and interested in being inducted into NHSDA: visit NHSDA site, review and complete requirements, applications, worksheets as provided on NHSDA and attached below and turn in to contact
Chapter Sponsor Kelly Shaw

Attached below: 
-Tracking Points Worksheet
-Induction Point System (SECONDARY, MIN 30 PTS)
-Graduation with Honors (45 points)


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