Friday, February 28, 2020
Kelly Shaw

Here at Somerset Academy Silver Palms, we will explore, discover, learn, apply, and embrace all the tools and resources available to support and enhance the core curriculum subjects, and specifically in the Performing Fine Arts. Dance students will uphold the respect, poise, professionalism, and passion of being a responsible, dedicated dancer. As Dance gives the opportunity to develop and enhance keen kinesthetic awareness and strong, creative, artistic movement, communication, presentation, and performance skills, we must continue to grow and evolve… 

 .... A little bit about me ….. 
​​​​​​​- Bachelor of Science Cum Laude, DeVry Institute of Technology University of Illinois
- Over 20 years Professional, Performance, Coaching, Training, Teaching Experience
- Professional Educator Certification K-12 with the Florida Department of Education
- American Board Teacher Excellence Certification
- Taught over 10 years in Miami-Dade and Monroe District school systems in public, private, charter sectors in Florida
- Prior to moving here from Chicago, taught over 15 years within a variety of Dance Schools, Studios, Dance and Gymnastic Academies, Performing Art Centers, Corporations, private institutions and clients, and in the City of Chicago school system
- Dance and Performance Arts since before age of 2
- Performed, Danced, Directed various art forms of Dance and Performance in multiple shows, presentations, plays, programs, productions, parades, pageants, performances, recordings, broadcasts, commercials, expos, events, theaters, auditoriums, centers, stages, venues
- Competed, placed top levels: local, national
- Global Corporate Trainer, Presenter
- Taught, Coached, Directed: Physical Education, Aerobics, Jazzercize, Zumba, Yoga, Cheer-leading, Gymnastics, Acrobatics
- Taught, Performed, Competed in Various forms of Dance: Ballet, PointeModernLyrical, Jazz, Tap, Latin, Theatrical, Hip-Hop, Break-dancing from age 2 to adult

~ I am very much honored teaching Dance here at Somerset Silver Palms and look forward to an exciting, fun, and wonderful year of dancing! ~

Please continue to monitor my teacher pages for any upcoming events information and Dance Store Coupons, Discounts, and Codes for the Required Dance Attire!

Thank you, 

 Ms. Kelly Shaw