Friday, December 13, 2019
Nelia Ferrufino

Welcome to CHEMISTRY 1  /PHYSICS 1

at Somerset Academy- Charter High 

When you enter my classroom...You are scientists.  You are explorers.

You are inventors.  You are important.  You are loved.  You are respected.

You are the reason, I am here!

     I am excited about being your science  teacher this

 2019-2020 school year and look forward to 

challenging and enjoyable classes.   A team of support 

between you, me, your classmates, parents,  and 

others will be established. I expect you to always try your best 

and not give up on any of your assignments and tasks.  Stay 

focused and attentive to lessons.  Learn as much as you can – 


OBSTACLES.  You will be amazed at your accomplishments this 

year.  Maintain a positive attitude and desire to discover a world 

that we all have a duty to protect and preserve.  Join me in 

making this year a fantastic and memorable one.  May God 

bless and guide all our efforts!

 For any questions contact me via email or leave a message at 

the school’s office.  (  

 Classes include: 

Period 1:    Chemistry Honors 1

Period 2:  Chemistry 1

Period 3:  Chemistry Honors 1

Period 5:  Chemistry Honors 1

Period 6:  Chemistry 1

Period 7:  Physics 1 Honors

 To Receive Homework Notifications in your Email:  Please open the attachment entitled “How to Receive Homework Alerts_SASP Version” and follow the steps and arrows. ***

***DISCLAIMER: Homework that is posted on this website is merely a reminder and sensitive to change during the week. Students will still be expected to copy their assigned homework in class and, in case of discrepancy, it is the information given in class that counts for grading.

Below you will find your class syllabus that includes the list of materials needed for class and lab fees.