Sunday, January 19, 2020
Dennis Valdes
Somerset Academy Silver Palms
Mr. Valdes

11th Grade US History
12th Grade US Government and Economics
12th Grade AP Government and Politics

Class Syllabus

I. Contact Information

a. Parent-Teacher Conference: By appointment only
b. Phone number: (305) 257-3737 Room: 127
c. E-mail:
d. School website:

II. Grading

a. Tests, essays, and major projects will be worth 40% of the quarterly average.
b. Quizzes will be worth 30% of the quarterly average.
c. Class work will be worth 20% of the quarterly average.
d. Participation, which includes homework assignments as well as contribution to class discussion, will be worth 10% of the quarterly average.

III. Grading Scale
Grade Scale Percent Value Verbal Interpretation
A 4.0-3.50 90-100% Outstanding
B 3.49-2.50 80-89% Above Average
C 2.49-1.50 70-79% Average
D 1.49-1.0 60-69% Poor
F .99-0 0-59% Failure

IV. Materials

a. Index cards
b. Red pens
c. Blue or black pens
d. Highlighters
e. Agenda for homework
f. 2 notebooks (composition or spiral)
g. Other material will be used periodically (poster boards, colored pencils, markers, glue)

V. Class Requirements

a. Students are required to bring all items in the materials list to class daily.
i. Section 1: Bell ringer:
1. Will include a daily journal topic, EOC activities, or brainteasers for the first five to ten minutes of every class.
ii. Section 2: Activities
1. Will include class notes, review questions, vocabulary exercises Prewriting activities such as webs, brainstorms, rough drafts
2. proofreading and editing
iii. Section 3: FCAT (grades 7-10 and 11th grade retakes)
1. In class EOC activities as well as homework assignments pertaining to EOC will be part of this section
b. Late assignments and Make-up work
i. All homework assignments and notifications for quizzes and test will be posted online on the school’s website under my class in the “Staff Directory”
ii. All students will have at least two days to complete homework assignments and they will have at least two days notification for a quiz or test
iii. If a student is in class when an assignment is due then that student is required to hand in their work. Failure to do so will result in a 'Z’ for that assignment. The same applies to quizzes and test. If the student is in class on the day of the quiz or test and has had a minimum of two days’ notice, they will take that quiz or test.
iv. If a student was absent the class before an assignment is due then it is the student’s responsibility to see me the next school day and/or go online and see what is due. If the material is online the student is responsible for that work when it is due
v. If a student is absent the day of a test or quiz, that student will take the test or quiz when they return to school.
vi. If a student is absent the day a homework is due, that student will be required to hand in that homework in the next class
vii. Student will be issued a ‘Z’ in the gradebook until an EXCUSED absence has been turned in.
viii. Extenuating circumstances such as: long illness, no internet connection, etc. requires parent-teacher communication

VI. Homework

a. Homework increases responsibility by developing organization and study skills. It encourages independent learning while appropriately involving parents. It also promotes and supports the classroom curriculum while encouraging students to become lifelong learners
i. Homework will be assigned on a daily basis and is due on its designated due date.
1. It is to be completed independently with support only when needed.
2. As homework fosters responsibility, failure to return homework will result in a zero.
ii. All homework will be collected in the beginning of class and will not be accepted after the class has begun.

VII. Quizzes and Tests

a. All quizzes and tests will be announced (verbally, written on the board, and posted on
b. Conduct during quizzes and test
i. There is a zero tolerance for cheating in my class. All students caught cheating will receive a zero and immediate notification to the school administration and to the parents.
ii. Do not look like you are cheating, do not look around or towards someone else’s desk.
iii. Any talking during a quiz or test will be perceived as cheating and will result in a zero.

VIII. Class Rules and Procedures

a. All assignments must be headed with name, student ID number, date, period, quarter, and assignment title in the first two lines of the paper in order to receive a grade.
b. All students must be in the classroom and seated in their correct seat before the bell rings.
c. All late slips, admits, fieldtrip forms, and other paper work should be given to me personally when entering the classroom. DO NOT LEAVE IT ON MY DESK
d. All assignments must be turned in on the proper due date, no late work will be accepted.
e. All students must ask permission to leave the classroom for any reason. Passes will only be given for EMERGENCIES ONLY.
f. Students will show one another respect; value everyone’s property, opinions, and feelings.
g. Students must be in complete uniform at all times.
h. This class will be civil. No cursing, cursing will incur an automatic after school conference
i. Follow all Rules and Expectations of Somerset Academy Charter High School
j. Adhere to the Code of Student Conduct
k. Read and acknowledge the repercussions of plagiarism at Somerset Academy Charter Middle/High
l. Cell Phones and electronic devices
i. If I see it out, it goes on my desk until the end of class
ii. Multiple offenses will result in administrative action

IX. Plagiarism

a. Plagiarism, according to the University of Maryland Code of Academic Integrity, is "intentionally or knowingly representing the words or ideas of another as one's own in any academic exercise." Examples of acts that would be defined as plagiarism are:
i. Copying word for word, and neglecting to both enclose the words in quotation marks and to cite the source
ii. Summarizing or paraphrasing someone else's words or ideas and failing to cite the source
iii. Reproducing the organization or structure of another person's work and failing to cite it
iv. Any other act in which someone presents someone else's intellectual material as their own, whether it involves graphics, code, data, charts, etc.
v. If two or more students hand in an assignment and they both look almost identical, both students will receive a zero
vi. Students are to develop individual thoughts, ask questions, get clarification
b. Plagiarism is a serious act of academic dishonesty which is not taken lightly at Somerset Academy.
i. Repercussions for a student who is caught plagiarizing.
1. Immediate referral to the Administration
2. Failing grade on the assignment
3. Student will be required to redo the assignment
4. Conference with parents/guardian

X. Individual Discipline Plan

a. Students who break classroom rules and procedures can have the following forms of discipline handed down:
i. Verbal warning
ii. After school teacher-student conference (parent contact)
iii. After-school detention with the teacher (parent contact)
iv. After-school detention with administration (parent contact)
v. Referral (parent contact)