Friday, January 17, 2020
Oneida Borges-Hernandez
Ms. Borges
My teacher web page is available for parents to view classroom information.


* Students must be in class, silent, and seated by 7:20 am.

*Students must bring their book bags, materials, and homework to school every day.

* Please carefully read the Parent Handbook for all policies and procedures.


* Please remember to send your child to school in proper uniforms each day.

* These include: school shirt with logo, short/pants, a belt, black shoes, and approved school jacket.


* Use during school hours is not permitted and will not be tolerated.

* Phones must be turned off and in a backpack during school hours.

* Such violation will cause the student to receive a verbal warning with parent notification for the 1st offense and phone will be confiscated for the 2nd offense and given to an administrator.


* Students who are absent must bring in a doctor’s note in order for it to be excused 

* Make up work may only be completed if the absence is excused.

* Make up work must be completed within the equal amount of time the student was absent 

* Make-up’s are done before school at 7:00am

* Students that have an unexcused absence or do not make up their work when scheduled to will receive a "Z" for all work missed or not completed during their absence.


1. Listen and follow directions the first time given.

2. Raise your hand to speak or get out of your seat.

3. Behave appropriately at all times.

4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

5. Come prepared with homework and supplies everyday and on time.


* Must complete a total of 30 volunteer hours

* An additional 15 hours per child

* Must be cleared by the county and school, meaning finger printing and ID# given in order to attend in class/school activities or functions.

* Purchases made from the wish list count towards the completion of the volunteer hours ($3.33 = 1 hour)

* Receipts and items purchased must be turned into the homeroom teacher in order to receive credit towards volunteer hours.


* Key factor to the continued success of your child in school.

* Primary source of contact and communication is via the agenda and email

* Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences as needed.

* Conferences are by appointment only and will be at 7:00 am

or  Department Meeting Conferences on a selected day.