Sunday, January 19, 2020
Vivian Duarte




2019-2020 English Department  

Student Workbooks for Grades 6-12 (Honors) 


August 19, 2019 

Dear Parents/Guardian, 

It is critical that all students continue to enhance their reading skills at home. SpringBoard is a curriculum developed by the College Board created to help students further develop critical thinking skills and accelerate learning to ensure college readinessSomerset Academy Silver Palms has issued your child a copy of SpringBoard workbook to ensure that all students are given the opportunity to attain the highest level of these skills/standards. The assignments given to your child in this book will reinforce classroom instruction.  

Please encourage your child to treat this book with respect and complete the activities as they are assigned.   We are confident that this program will make a difference!  This book is for their use and should be written in.  It is the student’s to responsibility to bring it to every class with their completed assignments.  In the event your child loses their copy of this book, an additional copy can be purchased from the Reading Department for $25.00.   

This year we are also using Wordly Wise and Collections Close Reader each student will be assigned a consumable.    These books strengthen their reading, writing, and listening skills, by enhancing their vocabulary and comprehension skills.  If your child loses their copy of either one of these workbooks, an additional copy can be purchased from the Reading Department for $25.00 each.  Please make sure they take care of their books and they don’t lose them as it will have valuable information that will help them master the skills, they need to pass the FSA.   



Thank you,  

English/Reading Department