Sunday, January 19, 2020
Vivian Duarte

Registering to School Website


·         Go to

·         Click on elementary or middle/high

·         Click about us

·         Go to staff directory

·         Search and click for teacher

·         Under classes select the class/period

·         Click Add to my class list

·         If there is an existing account from previous years log in:

o   Find teacher

o   Find class

o   Click add to my class list

o   And teacher should be automatically added.

·         If there is no existing account then create an account:

o   Put in your information for student create as a student, for parents create a separate account as a parent.

o   Wait for an email with the verification code.  They email will ask you to click on another link to get the code.  It is a 9 digit number. 

o   Once you get the code give it to the teacher you originally signed up for.

·         Once ONE teacher verifies you, go back and add all your other teachers by:

o   Finding them one at a time in the directory

o   Clicking add to my class list.