Sunday, January 19, 2020
Vivian Duarte
All materials requested will used in class by all students, below are the class materials required per period.

Period 1: tissue, and antibacterial wipes
Period 2: pack of long construction paper and/or pack of poster board size 14in X 22in 
Period 3: paper towel and hand sanitizer
Period 4: pack of glue/glue sticks and pack of index cards (white or colored).
Period 5: box of crayons and a box of markers.
Period 6: ream of colored paper (preferably neon, or pastels- no dark colors).
Period 7: word/sentence strips (no long sentence strips).

We are in need of  poster board size 14in X 22in.  There are 8 sheets per pack.  

Any extra materials you would like to send are welcomed and always greatly appreciated. Please remember to send the materials with a receipt so you can get parent volunteer hours. Please have students' first and last name and ID#, along with any siblings that attend SASP.