Sunday, January 19, 2020
Franco Melocchi
4. 5.3 Future of the World Populations
THe most-populated nations in the world in 2050.
3. (5.3) The Science of Over Population
Hank talks about the issues of rising populations
2. Population Ecology 5.3: 7 Billion: How did we get big so fast
A Little history on how we got so big.
1.Population Ecology: (5-3) World Population Clock
Fun Website..
1. Visit the website to watch the world human population clock track those factors that cause a population to change to change in size: births, deaths, immigration and emmigration.
2. Scroll down site to see the list of ALL countries ranked from most populated to least populated.
3. Scroll down to view the human population exponential growth graph.
4. Scroll down to view predictions for human population by 2100.