Friday, December 13, 2019
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Title 1

Dear Parent(s):

This year our school will receive special federal funding, which will be used (in addition to our regular State and local funding), to improve the educational program for all students in our school.  This federal funding will allow us to implement the Title I Schoolwide Program.

The Title I Schoolwide Program will allow us to provide supplemental instruction in the areas of reading, writing, mathematics and science to our students through our School Improvement Plan.  This plan has been cooperatively developed by our faculty and parents.  We have tried very hard to make sure that our plan reflects the special needs of our students.  In general, this federal funding will be used to add instructional staff; purchase additional, instructional materials and/or equipment; support the regular classroom with computer-assisted instruction; provide special training to parents and/or staff; and provide additional, motivational/high interest activities for our students.

We are excited about our instructional plans during this school year.  You are strongly encouraged to attend our Title I Annual Parent Meeting; visit with us to observe program activities; and to become more informed about your child’s participation.  We encourage your taking an active role in our school’s concerns, decisions and resolves.  We want you to know, that through your participation with the Title I District Advisory Committee (DAC), and our Regional Center’s Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meetings; and with our school site’s parental meetings and workshops… your opportunities for parental engagement and parental input are increased.

We also look forward to our parents working together with our school staff in the annual evaluation and redesign of the content and effectiveness of our school’s Title I School-Parent Compact and our school’s Title I Parental Involvement Plan.  Once completed, we provide copies of these documents in our school for use throughout the school year.  Additionally, the Title I Administration Handbook for this school year is available.

Please know that my office and the Community Involvement Specialist (CIS), or the Community Liaison Specialist (CLS), or the parent contact person at our school, are your resources to get No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) updates and parental “Right to Know” information regarding: the professional qualifications of your children’s classroom teachers; State Approved Supplemental Educational Services (SES); Annual Measurable Objectives Report (AMO); the School Accountability Report (SPAR); the School District’s Title I Parental Involvement Plan; and the School District’s Complaint Procedures.


Kerri Ann O'Sullivan