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WEB Technologies Period 7 (Period 7)

Location: 220

Somerset Silver Palms HS Fall/2019
Instructor: Mr. Kitchell

Certificate Program Description:

The MOS preparation for certification course will cover the prerequisite skills for the MOS certification. Students will learn Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Upon successful completion, the student will have “hands-on” experience with the applications and commands. Basic computer skills will be taught along with software skills.

Required Supplies:  File Folder with Pockets, 3-ring binder, tab dividers, highlighters, pens, and pencils.  A Flash Drive is encouraged.

Home Learning:  Students should set the goal of completing all assignments in class.  If this goal is not achieved, then work will be completed at home as necessary. If students chose to use class time on non-class-related activities, extra home learning may be assigned.    

Classroom Expectations:
* Be in assigned seat when the bell rings.
* Be prepared.
* Behave with RESPECT toward everyone and everything.
* Drinks are allowed only in closed containers.
* When the teacher is addressing the class, headphones will be removed and students will    listen quietly.
* Each student will do their own work.  Cheating will have severe consequences.
  Personal Devices (phones) will be silenced and put away before the bell rings.


Quizes = 20%

Tests = 30%

Classwork = 15%

Homework = 10%

Technology = 25%


Files for download: