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Robotics Period 3 (Period 3)

Location: 202


Introduction to Robotics


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Instructor: Mr. Kitchell


Course Information

This is an Introductory and Intermediate course in robotics. We will be utilizing VEX EDR V5 kits, VEX programming software, and VEX Robotics materials. The objective of this course is to introduce the student to basic computer programming and problem-solving strategies. Also, to introduce basic terminology and familiarity with mechanical design, tool use, electrical circuitry, and electronic components. This course will involve students in the development, building, and programming of a VEX EDR V5 robot. Students will work hands-on in teams to design, build, program and document their progress. Topics may include motor control, gear ratios, torque, friction, sensors, timing, program loops, logic gates, decision-making, timing sequences, propulsion systems, and binary number systems. These topics will sometimes be enhanced through cross-curriculum coordination with the Mathematics and Science departments. Teams of students will compete against other teams within their same class and school. If students wish to compete at a higher level, this has the potential to be carried on into district and National competitions.

Robotics Competitions are a proven way to stimulate student's motivation and robotics is a booming and rewarding field of opportunity.

Student /teacher Expectations

This course is designed for the beginning to an intermediate level computer user who has some experience using a computer. Students will work in groups and teams to complete various course assignments and projects (challenges). Students will be expected to be self-motivated and stay on task.

Student Data Storage

Each student is encouraged to have their own removable USB “Thumb” or “Flash” Drive to back-up their assignments and programs. Students are responsible for backing up all of their work and maintaining their data. No excuses will be accepted for losing work since multiple ways are offered to back-up and save.

Tool Use and Safety

This is a hands-on class, students will use various common hand-tools. They will be provided with safety glasses or they may bring their own. Each student will need to complete a safety briefing and be certified in safe use procedures.


All work is due when asked for with limited exceptions. Enough time is given for students to complete their work and projects in class with some homework as needed. Students should not PROCRASTINATE work deadlines for this class. This policy is followed strictly with limited exceptions as determined by the teacher. Many of the activities are scheduled for certain days and students missing a class period may not be able to make-up an activity.

Computer Hardware and Software

All students will be expected to take care of and respect all school computer hardware and software while in their use. Students will have access to desktop and notebook computers. Damages to any equipment by a student will be charged to the student.

VEX Kits

Each Kit kit will be assigned to and inventoried by each team before and after each semester. Students are responsible for all pieces, parts, batteries, booklets, tools and any other materials that are needed to complete your kit. If any significant pieces are lost or missing, the replacement cost may need to be paid by the team. Please be very careful with your kits as they are expensive.


Labs 25%

Eng. Notebook 25%

Team Score 35%

Cleanup 15%

90% - 100% A 60% - 69% D

80% - 89% B 59% - Lower F

70% - 79% C

Classwork and Homework

Most work is completed in class. Late work is not accepted unless you have a school field trip, excused absence or it has been arranged with the teacher prior to the deadline. Research writing assignments may be accepted for extra credit as determined by the instructor.

Attendance Policies

Students that are absent MUST bring a note to the teacher within 2 class periods of being absent so that they may receive credit for work missed. Students tardy to class (first 10 minutes) will be marked tardy.

Student Responsibilities & Rules

  1. Students are expected to be in their assigned seat with paper, pencil, and other needed materials BEFORE the tardy bell rings.

  2. Standing by the classroom door, waiting for the bell is not allowed.

  3. Students are responsible for computer equipment. Any problems – notify your teacher.

  4. Students MUST participate in cleaning and organizing their work area and classroom.

  5. All Students are responsible for using proper personal safety equipment.

  6. Food is NOT ALLOWED. Hydration (water) is allowed in a covered container.

  7. Disrespect toward the instructor, classroom and equipment or fellow students may result in disciplinary action.

  8. Students are expected to pay attention and stay on task while in class.

  9. Cell Phone use is permitted only when approved by the instructor. Abuse of personal electronic devices may result in the device being collected for the remainder of the class.

  10. Student will have necessary supplies: 1 - 3-Ring Binder with at least 100 sheets of lined paper, 1 – “Bound” Notebook containing Graph Paper. 1 – 6 or 12-inch ruler. 1 – Pencil and 1 – Ink Pen.

1st Assignment

Please take this course description home for you and your parents to read over and understand. Return this page with the following information filled out completely for extra credit on the next class period ONLY!


Student’s Name _______________________________________ (print please)

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